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Stroke ( Paralysis ) Physical Therapy

Brain Bleeding ( Paralysis- Stroke ) Physical Therapy

Brain hemorrhage physical therapy will involve educating their parents or caregivers, or later the patient, to practice exercises or techniques they should continue to use at home. With Harmony Home Physical Therapy Yalova, sitting, standing, walking, dressing or bathing is a part of the patient's daily life.

In order to gain these, the patient should definitely receive physical therapy at home on a regular basis. The causes of brain hemorrhage should be reviewed regularly to assess the patient's progress, how well the hemorrhage treatment program is working, and whether other treatments are needed. These include orthoses (devices such as splints that are worn on the body to improve posture and/or walking).

Treatment of brain hemorrhage is a long process. Being patient and determined with this process will facilitate the treatment. Our physiotherapists offer home exercises by providing necessary training to patients and their relatives.

In general, the patient with a cerebral hemorrhage should be treated as normally as possible. Involving the affected side in exercise and daily activities is essential in order to make the patient as “ambidextrous” as possible.

As they age, many children and teens with cerebral palsy can be encouraged to use their affected side more by participating in sports and hobbies of their choice.

In the future;

While defining brain hemorrhage with only its causes and effects, we leave perhaps the most important issue, the shock of diagnosis and the fear of the unknown. When a patient is first diagnosed, it is difficult for the doctor to predict whether the problems will be mild or severe. They will adopt a “wait and see” approach that relatives of patients may find difficult to accept because they may feel that they do not have all the facts. Understanding cerebral hemorrhage is vital to knowing how you can help improve your patient's quality of life.

Benefit from experts who care for your patient. Ask them questions about the treatment for a brain hemorrhage and ask them to repeat using non-specialist terms, if necessary, make sure you understand their answers.

Click here to watch the video of our patients who were treated for cerebral hemorrhage.

Take advantage of the free examination opportunity to benefit from our special treatment programs or to learn about your general health status. Please contact us for detailed information.


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